Create Traction with 90-day Rocks.

Looking at everything that needs to be done between now and 10 years from now can lead to chaotic “flavor of the month” solutions that take you off course.

We call the solution Traction. Businesses can find Traction by taking those dreamy visions of the future and breaking them down into digestible 90-day chunks. Those Traction tools are called Rocks, and to manage and stay on top of them digitally, you’re going to need the EOS One Rocks module.

The ultimate rock management tool.

Once your team has set Rocks for the quarter, you’ll need to house them somewhere accessible so you can review them weekly during your Level 10 Meetings. If you are Running on EOS™ and looking for digital solutions to do so, what better way to do it than with one solitary hub for all things EOS? The EOS One Rock module manages and automates Rock management for you to keep things simple and efficient.

Add Rocks

Add Rocks directly to the EOS One Rocks module so you always have them visable. Rocks can be monitored and reviewed during your Level 10 Meetings and on each user’s personal profile. Plus, you can improve accountability and gain Traction by adding:

Update as you work

Now that your Rocks have been added, how can you keep track and stay updated on your growing team’s quarterly goals? This traction tool allows you to see your progress and overall Rock completion rate at any time so you can discuss them and give status updates for each one in your Level 10 Meetings.

When the end of the quarter finally comes around, you can see your department’s or team’s Rock completion rate and make sure you’ve hit that 80% sweet spot.

Reassign on the fly

We know what you’re thinking: “What happens if a Rock owner moves to a different seat or leaves the company?”

Have no fear; your Rocks are in good hands. Members granted administrator access can reassign Rocks to a different person to ensure no Rock gets left behind. Reassigning Rocks is made easy with EOS One because you can update, edit, and reassign Rocks when plans change.

What People Are Saying

"I have been using a different EOS software for the past 15 months but like this Scorecard way much better!"
“Giving our leadership team another avenue to Delegate and Elevate document and scorecard management.”
"Easy to use and simple to update"

Start for Free. Scale as Needed.

Whether you have 10 employees or 250+, EOS One is an all-in-one solution for seamless EOS Tool use to help small businesses get the most out of running on EOS.

EOS One Software and the five EOS Foundational Tools will help your team:


Get matched with one of our coaches for a free 90 Minute Meeting to learn how your team and your business can benefit from EOS, plus get an additional 30 days of EOS One on us.

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