Track. Measure. Improve.

Are you hitting the ceiling with your current database solution? Is that spreadsheet growing a little out of control and becoming confusing? So are the data management systems of thousands of other entrepreneurial businesses like yours – welcome to the EOS One Scorecard module.

Introducing the Scorecard.

The EOS One Scorecard module solves the frustration of lack of control without the danger of micromanaging and helps leaders crystallize accountability issues when they hit the ceiling. Storing your organization’s core metrics in patchwork databases creates the unnecessary complexity the EOS Scorecard was designed to solve. So we’re bringing you the EOS One Scorecard module to enable you to enjoy a simpler, more effective solution.

Track Metrics

Anything that’s measured and watched is improved. What better way to get people invested in their success than to show them where they are and encourage them to master their role? 

The good news is you don’t have to track every metric to do it. Record the most crucial numbers that drive 80% of your business in the EOS One Scorecard module and watch your spreadsheet frustrations fade away.

Create Issues and To-Dos

What would a Scorecard module be without the flexibility of acting on the metrics you’ve tracked? The EOS One Scorecard module helps you:

The truth is, spreadsheets can be hard to read. The EOS promise to simplify solutions is best realized by keeping those essential numbers from getting buried so you can spot the trends and make better decisions.

Customize Your Weekly Scorecard

At the end of the day, this is your Scorecard, so it should fit your needs and be simple enough that you can easily review your team’s data and understand your numbers. Your Scorecard can be customized to show exactly what you need to see because no screen is set in stone.

Need to access a Scorecard while you’re in another meeting? You can move data from one place to another and automatically share your Scorecard between Level 10 Meetings.

What People Are Saying

"I have been using a different EOS software for the past 15 months but like this Scorecard way much better!"
“Giving our leadership team another avenue to Delegate and Elevate document and scorecard management.”
"Easy to use and simple to update."

Start for Free. Scale as Needed.

Whether you have 10 employees or 250+, EOS One is an all-in-one solution for seamless EOS Tool use to help small businesses get the most out of running on EOS.

EOS One Software and the five EOS Foundational Tools will help your team:


Get matched with one of our coaches for a free 90 Minute Meeting to learn how your team and your business can benefit from EOS, plus get an additional 30 days of EOS One on us.

Screen Size Notice

Thanks for your interest in EOS One!  We have noticed that you are on a mobile device; the EOS One Beta experience is intended for a larger screen. You may proceed but functionality may be limited.

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