All the data you need to run an effective meeting, all in one place.

You can finally close the door on the infamous “this could have been an email” meetings. The EOS One Level 10 Meeting module brings the game-changing effectiveness of the Level 10 Meeting agenda together with an all-in-one digital experience for running on EOS.

Introducing Level 10 Meetings.

In addition to the enhancements EOS One brings to each meeting segment, it provides a few extra features that support Level 10 Meetings as a whole. The Level 10 Meeting module includes a timer to track each section and overall meeting duration, a meeting recap email and activity record for review, as well as the option to text Issues directly into your Issues List.

How a Level 10 Meeting Works

1. Segue

All of the best meetings begin here. This is the dedicated time for human-to-human moments that kick off every Level 10 Meeting. We break the ice here and build trust with our team to start the meeting off on the right foot.

How can EOS One best showcase the lead-off segment of the Level 10 Meeting? 

The Level 10 Meeting module integrates the Level 10 Meeting agenda time track directly into the interface. Every Level 10 Meeting that runs through the Level 10 Meeting module begins with a guaranteed 5 minutes for segue with a timer to keep the meeting on track.

2. Scorecard

Why manage separate disconnected databases for your organization’s numbers? Piecemeal solutions complicate running your business effectively and are disruptive to running a meeting effectively. Having to bounce between this and that while you’re connecting with your team distracts everyone and dilutes the importance of the issues you’ve set out to solve.


The EOS One Level 10 Meeting module allows you to review your team’s numbers during your meeting without having to navigate multiple platforms. Everything you need to get more out of your business all in one place.

3. Rocks

When it comes to reviewing your team’s Rocks or reminding them of their progress, what better way to view and update them than in the same platform that you run your meetings in? The EOS One Level 10 Meeting module allows teams and leaders to:

4. Headlines

Sharing short stories and news about customers, employees, and the company is another way to connect on a human level with your team. On the other hand, some companies struggle to keep this portion of their meetings under control. A weekly meeting composed solely of update sharing is one of the primary contributors to the doom spiral that is “this could have been an email” meetings.


Instead, EOS One serves as your automated timekeeper and agenda display. Rather than people struggling to compete for talking space with that person who controls it all, EOS One automates this function by putting up bumpers to keep the meeting on track.

5. To-do's

Taking notes is a critical portion of any meeting, especially when it comes to the action items everyone comes away with from having the meeting in the first place. Everyone taking their own physical notes can pull their attention away from being present and contributing to the meeting.


How can the Level 10 Meeting module simplify this? By making tracking and recording To-Dos easier and all in one place so they’re easily accessible and more manageable. How else can EOS One support more effective meetings?

6. IDS

The star of the Level 10 Meeting enjoys a couple of efficiency boosts in EOS One. Anytime an item up to this point needs to be dropped down, pulling that item to the Issues List takes just a click. EOS One also simplifies your meetings by making prioritizing your top three Issues easier; plus, once an issue is solved, you can mark it as done and it will drop off. When an Issue is solved by someone taking a To-Do, you can easily convert that Issue with the press of a button.

7. Conclude

To conclude your meetings in the simplest, purest EOS way, the EOS One Level 10 Meeting module gives everyone an opportunity to rate the meeting. Once the meeting has been officially closed, EOS One follows up with everyone via email should they choose to opt in to receive a meeting recap complete with Issues solved and To-Dos assigned. 


For businesses opting to utilize the simplicity and power of digital, the EOS One Level 10 Meeting module harnesses your organization’s human energy into world-class meetings.

What People Are Saying

"I have been using a different EOS software for the past 15 months but like this Scorecard way much better!"
“Giving our leadership team another avenue to Delegate and Elevate document and scorecard management.”
"Easy to use and simple to update"

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