Manage your organization's human energy in a single place.

Is there a lack of accountability in your organization? The age-old “Whose job is it to do this thing or that thing” is exhausting. Organizations are built by people for people, so being frustrated by them can take the wind right out of your sails. Organizational charts make an effort to sort this out but fail to define roles in a clear way that solves the problem.

Introducing the Accountability Chart.

Next to the Vision/Traction Organizer, the EOS Accountability Chart has the greatest impact of any EOS Tool. Are you ready to take the next step in mastering EOS? Once you’ve started working with an EOS Implementer®, integrate the EOS One Accountability Chart module to regain complete control of the People Component™.


The beauty of the Accountability Chart is its ability to organize your organization’s human energy in a single place. Now you can experience the full effect of having everything organized in one place with EOS One. No more compiling the EOS Foundational Tools™ from multiple sources; you can find them all here.

The good news is you don’t have to track every metric to do it. Record the most crucial numbers that drive 80% of your business in the EOS One Scorecard module and watch your spreadsheet frustrations fade away.


The EOS One Accountability Chart module simplifies managing accountability. Maintaining your chart is easier because it gets rid of the need to remap it by hand every time it needs updating. Instead, businesses leveraging the power of EOS One can enjoy easy-to-use drag-and-drop functions. Have new roles or team members joining you? Simply type in the roles or names.

Teams change. It’s a business inevitability. People come and people go. When your team changes, the EOS One Accountability Chart module makes adding, deleting, and reassigning people to roles easier with a simple push of a button.

When it comes time for Quarterly Conversations™ and annual reviews, you’ll have a tool that makes it easy to evaluate employees without the hassle.

What People Are Saying

"I have been using a different EOS software for the past 15 months but like this Scorecard way much better!"
“Giving our leadership team another avenue to Delegate and Elevate document and scorecard management.”
"Easy to use and simple to update"

Start for Free. Scale as Needed.

Whether you have 10 employees or 250+, EOS One is an all-in-one solution for seamless EOS Tool use to help small businesses get the most out of running on EOS.

EOS One Software and the five EOS Foundational Tools will help your team:


Get matched with one of our coaches for a free 90 Minute Meeting to learn how your team and your business can benefit from EOS, plus get an additional 30 days of EOS One on us.

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